Ode to my Pasta Machine

If you’re a polymer clayer there’s a good chance you understand this post in a deep and emotional way. For the others out there let me tell you how much I appreciate my pasta machine and it’s good friend the pasta machine motor.

This fall my old machine – or it’s motor, rather – began losing torque. I love my pasta machine motor. It makes doing blends so much simpler. I use it most days. And they’re not cheap, especially shipped to rural Canada.

Long story short, my poor motor finally lost enough oomph that it wouldn’t crank my pasta machine. I spent a few days hand cranking and then broke down and ordered a new one. At the same time, I ordered a new pasta machine, as well, since they come in fun colours now and it’s always good to have backup studio equipment.

Isn’t it pretty?

My partner – a handy guy – tells me that the commutator in the old motor is a little off true and is repairable. This is out of my nerd wheelhouse but I think it means I may have a second, working, motor. I know my older one died differently and was NOT repairable.

Either way, if you need to find me, I am making blends on my shiny new machine with the loud, energetic motor.

Bonus weird fact: my studio is open to the public and the pasta machine is clearly visible. It has been the source of many conversations over the years with random customers. I am pretty sure in my small town I have the most pasta machines, period. And I am pretty sure people figure I am making beads by day and weird pasta in my off hours.