Bead Soup, Bead Hoarder’s Edition

Pretty Packages

I have to preface this with just how ridiculously tired of this winter season I am. I have caught every cold that went by and it has slowed me down. They’ve none of them been serious but for someone who doesn’t have allergies… I am much better friends with tissue and decongestants than I ever wanted to be! Sheesh.

What this means is that Sam’s cutely wrapped package arrived from over the pond at some point last week, our fabulous mail person put it in the shop’s box and then… I didn’t even look for days. So! There were adorable beads in my mail and I didn’t even know it. How very sad is that?

The Hoarded Bead Bead Soup

I quickly remedied that issue and found lovely, shiny beads. Fun glass and stone. There’s a pretty sort of free form focal bead – the hoarded bead in this case! – by Lorna Johnston of Pink Blue Sky.

I can cheerfully say I have no idea what I’ll make yet but I have ideas. The kind of creative and dangerous types. The blog hop and reveal of everyone’s lovelies is slated for March 25th. If I’m on the ball I’ll set it to auto-post for midnight.

And I get to share what I sent along to Sam, my partner, since she’s just let me know it arrived! Glass flowers from Fran Davis of Dragonfire Studio, lampwork from Cheryl Harris, and a last, hoarded bead from a previous swap mate – Michaela Pabeschitz. I poured a lot of soup.

My Soup


  1. Elaine says:

    I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the focal to start with but went with simple in the end. I like the sort of sea theme it has.

  2. sam waghorn says:

    Firstly thank you so much for the wonderful beads you sent me. I am so glad you got the sea themed bead in one piece and found it a bit of a challenge 🙂
    I really love how you used it and your post was wonderful.

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