Week 7: Tweaking Roses

I played with rose canes to make the stuff for this run. A customer requested a different style of rose than I normally do, with a little more furl to it. A more cabbage rose like thing. Since making rose is all about getting the shading in sort of the right now spots to make the illusion, experimenting can be weird.

Rose Canes in Progress

The first experiment made the lavender one, not much different than my standard dealio. For the next two though, I paid more attention to spiraling the petals and putting the shading in the right spots. They came out pretty cool.

Rose Beads

They then got used to make an adorable set of beads. I will have to make some beads and charms in the size I work in normally. These were much smaller than my usual.It was good to mix it up a little with the canes and the shading. It reminds me sometimes that I don’t do that nearly often enough.