Week 5: Monarchs

The Beginning

I am not a fan of orange or yellow as colours. I can recognize their value in establishing a mood, a good food shade and in mixing to get other colours I DO like but as a rule… these are not my friends. The exception of course is the rather queasy mix of orange to yellow that I use in making monarch butterfly designs in clay. Then I can just bear it.

Monarch Wing Cane

I lucked out and got the kiddo to make blends for me on her semester break. That resulted in a whole pile of proto-monarch which turned into monarch wing canes and monarch beads and monarch butterfly canes.

The Resulting Clay

I’m pretty happy with how it all came together. I blew through a pile of clay with this because a few blocks of my translucent were tougher than I wanted to use. I don’t care what people say about caning needing firm clay – my opinion is firm to a point, past which is just pain on your hands.