Feather Necklaces

Feather pendants

I really like polymer clay feather canes and even though I’m still tweaking Donna Kato’s excellent tutorial a bit to make my own… I’ve made a pile of feather beads. From each of the bead canes I kept a few larger, pendant sized feathers because I had some great long necklaces in mind to make with them. This week I finally buckled down and cranked a few out using longer lengths of chain, antiqued bronze coloured wired and some of the bits and bobs in my stash.

The first round of feather necklaces! Glass and stone mixed with antique brass tones. #polymerclay #beads #handmade #jewelrymaking #necklaces

These are mostly ear marked for my shop and for shows but if you think you need one, give me a shout and we’ll get one out to you.