Week 22 & 23: The Production Blahs


I told myself I would post even when, as it inevitably does, the ho hum of production gets tedious and boring. My sales rely on having a consistent, solid presence of finished items and beads year in, year out. I add new lines and take out old ones but mostly I make and remake a lot of the same designs. For the most part this is great. It pays the bills and you get to be very good at it.

But it does get tedious even for someone who likes doing production work. And sometimes, between shows and events, I don’t even have a pile of rush stock making to do. And in days or weeks like that I sometimes do other shop work instead. Voluntarily. Without waiting until the last second. And the last couple of weeks have been like that: do the minimum of production and take care of some of the physical shop stuff.


One of the projects I DID wrap up last week was a pile of cute kite pins for swag at the local kite festival. Windscape and the accompanying music festival are great, local, productions masterminded by one of our insanely talented organizers. I caned a cute kite, added pinbacks, tied a jaunty ribbon and voila! Kite pins.