Week 15: The Ladybugs

ladybug beads

When I moved from Calgary, where I lived in an apartment, to Swift Current I got the chance to try my hand at gardening. Turns out I enjoy it and I’ve had fun moving the perennials around, figuring out how to keep the birds from eating ALL of the strawberries in the spring and generally digging in the dirt. One thing that surprised me was just how many ladybugs there are out there. In the city I didn’t see them often but in my yard they are legion.

In my bead world they’re one of the designs I’d intended to make for years and years and hadn’t gotten to. Then a customer gave me the perfect kick in the butt and asked for a few beads. So I buckled down and did it. The above are a few from the first batch and they got the patented Seal of Cute from my minions.

Most of the rest of the week was spent in topping up regular stock: purple crocus, forget me nots, little wildflowers made from the end of some other project as many of my beads are. The bead making table has been gratifyingly busy the last few weeks but it’s nice to start getting the decks clear enough to work on other projects, as well.