The Etsy 101 Thing

Orange topped cupcakes for the meetup today! #etsy #etsySK #etsy101

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I decided to join another Etsy team – the Saskatchewan one this time, since it looks like I’ll be here awhile yet (six years is coming up pretty quick, yikes!) – and we just ran one of the first team outreach events this past weekend. Our Newbie Event – Etsy 101 – was held in Regina, Saskatoon and in Swift Current right at my shop.

I got talking and forgot to snap pictures. This doesn’t surprise me. It mainly went well with a peek into my Etsy shop for folks thinking of joining up, discussion into the business realities of Etsy and the orange iced cupcakes my kiddo made for the whole deal.

I’ll run the event again, in July I’m thinking, to help folks who want to run through the fall season get going. I may structure it more as a boot camp so that we actually get people set and running in one go. I remember how long it took to get each of my shops going and it would have helped to have friends giving me a nudge swift kick.