Week 5: Mushrooms and More

Toadstool Cane Beads

Or, more accurately, toadstools. It’s a design I get requests for fairly often and more often since fairy gardens started getting big a few years ago. Finally snuck it in and I think the beads turned out terribly cute.

Pile O' Beads

Last week I made a pile of blends… which turned into a pile of canes fairly quickly and then into these. Well these were the first two trays of beads. There have been many more since but you get the idea. My world is beads. And canes.

I didn’t really want this to be just endless updates on the beads and canes so next week I will aim super hard for some finished pieces with beads or canes or something completely DIFFERENT. I just happen to spend about 80% of my clay time making beads and canes alas.