Week 4: Make Make Make

This Weeks Beads

Because I’m a production crafter working in 2 or 3 locations I have projects at various stages everywhere. These are the last tray of beads baked and a tray of blends fresh off the pasta machine, just in time for the end of Week 4. How does time go BY this fast??


When I’m well – and, knock on wood, that’s the normal state – I’m making things. And looking forward to shows to sell things on or listing them on Etsy. Part of that is doing things in giant batch steps so here’s a stack of blends for the NEXT two weeks. They will all turn into beads, canes and bits soon enough.


  1. When I am well I’m doing the same thing, but never thought to do blends in bulk. I would think that they need working if I were to not do anything with them for a couple days. How do you get around that?
    Did the make sense?

  2. Elaine says:

    It made sense!

    I don’t find my clay needs a lot of re-conditioning if it sits for days (or, sometimes, months) but of course if I cut a chunk off to use it… it is going to get things done to it which conditions it as you go: slicing, putting through a PM, squishing into petals and so on.

    This is the way I have worked since I could afford more than a couple pounds of clay on hand at a time.

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