Week 1: A Few Beads and Bits

week 1 polymer clay beads

I make beads for my work, both to sell in my Etsy shop and to use in my own designs for sale all over everywhere. Almost all of the beads I make use canes in some form – my favourite polymer clay technique – so sometimes when I sit down to crank out beads I am out of a specific cane I use in the design because a lot of the beads I make are based on a catalogue of designs.

week 1 cabbage white butterfly cane

This is why, suddenly, in the middle of making a pile of great crimson beads I whipped up a little butterfly cane. This one, my version of a cabbage white, is simple since there’s no blending and few colours. I should have made it larger but due to my moving studios I had very little brown at home… the brown I used for the bug was actually a mix of scrap browns on my table.

So, that’s my week 1 post for Katie’s Polymer Clay Challenge. I’m betting there will be lots of beads and canes but I’ll try to sneak in other clayful things.

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