New Projects

The window

One of my pushes for this year is to plant new seeds – I meant it both metaphorically and literally. One of those seeds was supposed to be a collaborative selling site and Etsy shop. Turns out there will also be a brick and mortar component to it. That will be Field and Fable, a separate entity from Tooaquarius. I’m sloooowly working on the site and the shops for it all. The step by step thing.

Field and Fable will have a downtown storefront as well as an online presence. The shop will focus on maker work – fine art, upcycled creations, local craft, supplies for it all and a learning space. Tooaquarius beads and niftiness will be present of course as well as work from many others. I will probably move a portion of my studio there to keep making work.


  1. Lisa Clarke says:

    Wow! That’s really exciting news, and such a big step! Congratulations 🙂

    P.S. I was going to wish you the best of luck, but you’ve got such a good businessey head on your shoulders, and I doubt luck will have much to do with your success 🙂

  2. Angeli says:

    That is so cool and exciting!

    Can’t wait to see progress photos. Congratulations!

    I used to own a brick and mortar craft store, but had to close it because I didn’t have time to manage it anymore.

    Love the name of your new venture!

  3. Elaine says:

    Thanks! I’ve just uploaded a ton of photos and tomorrow at the shop I will add them to the shop’s blog. For now, I’m posting bead soup!

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