What Does Your Garden Grow?

Cherry Tomatoes

When I moved from my city apartment to a house in a much smaller town some of the appeal was that I would be able to put out more than a few pots of flowers and containers of tomatoes. And I did, here and there.

This year I got a little more ambitious by working on the composition of the beds and planning a little better. Next year I will continue on with it. I have to say, gardening is like growing your business: lots of shoveling, watering, weeding, planning and hoping for sunshine.

I think it’s been one of those life lessons that snuck up on me while I wasn’t looking. Lots of small, consistent, moves to keep the foundation strong and growing. A little bit of luck. And continually trying new ideas as I go. Most of those fail but they fail early and fast before it stings too much.

In the garden that would be the patch of strawberries I started with early in the spring. I planted over that with hardier starters and voila, eating strawberries now!