DIY Bracelet Display

Make a Bracelet Display

I’m a big fan of DIY. Part of that is because you get neato, original results. Part of that is because the price is often right. My show displays are what I like to call a charming mix of store bought and DIY goodness. I decided I needed a few more bracelet displays since what I use right now just wasn’t doing it for me. Pool noodles to the rescue!

I photographed and posted the grand mess if you’d like to take a peek. I plan on adding some clay beads or buttons to the ends of the rolls and snip threads a little more but it worked out!

2 Responses

  1. I hadn’t thought about pool noodles, but those have been helpful for me in other ways for costuming so I’m familiar with how lovely they can be. With a pool noodle, too, you could pin anchor the bracelet, too. That should work for earrings and necklaces as well. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

  2. Yep, I have an idea to use these in an upright fashion – I have trays I can put these in to stand them up – for anchoring brooches and stickpins.