Trying New Ideas

This summer I all officially hired the kiddo to be my studio grunt. She’s been absolutely fabulous, blending clay, churning out beads and helping out with tasks with energy and enthusiasm. Which requires me to keep up with a 14 year old. My daunting task for the summer.

Beads in Progress

After weeks of scheduling conflicts I finally got together with my crafting buddy and we played with shrink plastic. This time I pulled out the translucent one which has a milky backing rather than the clear one. This worked out great for what I wanted which was beads and charms.

Shrinky Doodles

You could say this week I tried out two new things: improving my work flow by hiring help and improving my work by experimenting with new media. I’m always trying to make things smoother and more efficient in my little studio so this sort of thing excites me. I long ago realized it wasn’t the big changes that made huge improvements but the little changes that, over time, accumulate into awesomeness.

Of course, if the kidlet keeps going at this rate we’ll call it a Big Change. I joked that I would be ready for Christmas shows (why I hired her)… for 2016. By the end of the summer.