Making Faces

Earlier this month I roped my clay partner in crime into making face canes. One week we made another one of my standard face canes (a la Big Cane).

Face Cane

This one is actually about twice the size of the one from 2010 and we worked on a few of the details like making the lips and eyes a little showier. It actually went much quicker because I had help mixing and building.

The next week, I pulled out my sketch book and showed Laurie what I wanted to do. There were some rough pen doodles of a cat face and a barn owl face. She was a little skeptical but a good team player and away we went!

Owl and Pussycat Face Canes

I ran out of grey with the cat cane so I really did end up making just the face. I think when the new pack of grey gets in, he’ll get ears. The barn owl turned out so nicely. I’ve got to make his little owl feathers and then there will be a plethora of owl and pussycat beads (and maybe an pea green boat!).

What ambitious crafting have you all been up to?

4 Responses

  1. Close to the ends all of them have a little distortion but in big canes you can avoid it by working carefully. And the rest of the distortion is just the parts of the canes that reduce differently since I always use a mix of clay in canes and centres of big canes always go slower than the outsides. Why the owl and cat cane ends are sucked in like that.