Learning the Almost Basics

Pattern Sheet Pendant

It’s always such a relief to cross off one of those to-do items. Especially when it’s been an in-progress thing for literally years. And writing about clay basics or almost basics is one of those things. I make and sell non-basic supply items – canes – and a huge number of my customers are first time clayers who want to make great stuff their first go.

A few weeks ago I borrowed my friend Laurie (the immensely talented sculptor behind PrairieCrocusStudio) and we shot the pictures for some simple clay tasks:

I’m also organizing some of the other how-to’s on the site so they’ll be easier to find and use. Phew! Part of every year’s new beginnings is the promise that I’ll continue to work on being a little more organized, a little more tidy and a little more diligent. No huge jumps, just subtle things. So shining up parts of the website are right in line.