Seagull Beads

One of the cool things about selling online has been the chance to try and make what other bead users would like. Someone asked me for seagull beads last week, based on bird cane beads I’d been making and this is what I came up with:

Seagull Cane

The starting cane turned out happy so I was excited to get reducing.

Seagull canes

The cane reduced nicely, always something I worry about a bit with odd shapes.

Seagull Beads

The finished beads were pretty much just what I wanted. I love when projects come together how I pictured. The customer tells me they’re perfect, so that’s even better!

4 Responses

  1. It’s a little scary but they generally reduce better than you’d think! Still I always try to make sure the odd ones are small enough – no more than 2″ across – to get a more detailed grip in reducing

  2. I really like these and would be interested in some really thin slices of this similar cane so that I can use them to decorate some glass plaques I am making. They would need to be about half an inch long, so I am not sure how possible this would be.

  3. Just what I looking for!! Can you sell some? I checked your etsy site but didnt
    See any.