The Bead Table

Pumpkins & Jacks

My bead table is often more about making the beads than making the jewellery. I tend to make the jewellery anywhere else than my bead table. For example, this weekend, I’ll be visiting my folks and home town… with a kit of jewellery makings. Show coming up the weekend after, after all!

Flowers & Bugs

As I make the canes to make my floral beads, I slice them up on cutting board sheets I grabbed at the dollar store. They’re nifty – great to slice on, drill on and stack on my table. This way I slice a few sheets full after which my helpful minion flattens them a little for me and then I finish them up.

What’s on your bead table? Join us for Bead Table Wednesday. Add a picture, write a story.

One Response

  1. My bead table got cleaned up just recently, because I required an expansion to a larger table. I’ll have to remember next Weds to take a picture 🙂

    I am wearing a bracelet today that includes one of your blue cane flowers, and it makes me smile to see it.