Process: Making Blends

Like a lot of the processes in my studio, making the colour blends for the polymer clay beads and canes happens in batches. And not always in my studio. I have a studio but it’s often not clear enough to do big batches of work so I hog the kitchen, as in this case.

Clay Party

We start by unwrapping and conditioning everything. The assistant often takes this to mean she should make domino type effects with the clay packages.

Laid Out

I usually get everything flattened out and cut into the required basic triangles. While a lot of these blends will get work done to them before they end up as whatever, I find it helps to start with a basic blend so that I have it ready to go.

Skinner Blend Strips

Some of the blends, before they become little plugs stored in my box for use.


And finally, most of the blends. A few went right into the production queue as they got finished but these will last me the next few weeks as I replace canes, make new beads and try out some fall designs I have in mind.

The Helper

My helper for a lot of this, rocking the new hair cut!


  1. Monique U says:

    Oh, how inspiring to see the production line in progress! All that work must pay off when the time comes to create your beautiful canes and beads. Note to self: must train helper!

  2. Elaine says:

    It does pay off! That way when I run out of a design or bead or have something I want to try, most of it’s already done. I also often just make sheets of colours ready to go. All of this is great stuff to do when you’re waiting for inspiration, as well.

    This is the helper’s first year of really helping with the work related production although she’s been watching for her whole life.

  3. Elaine says:

    I’ll try to do a follow up post with the products from these specific blends. My helper is avoiding me now though.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    What an amazing process. So organized. Your assistant is the spittin’ image of you…hmmmmm. Great work.

  5. Elaine says:

    Organized about a few things – I know I get so much more claying done if I stop and think about it before jumping in. Of course, when it would be better to just jump in, this doesn’t help.

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