The Batches

Quietly productive Sunday – I made a few of the tiny flat back beads for post earrings. I’ll have to get those glued up and ready to go this week. Here’s a few of the lil cherry blossoms:

Little Proto-Earrings

And I finished up a tray of swirly pendants which are on their way to the tumbler. The beige rectangles are going to be for textured, caned pendants. I make the bases first so that pieces don’t keep moving and squishing as I work at them.


I guess this episode of Sunday Stuff is all about the batches. Since most of my work is selling my crafts, I have lots of spots where I can use batching techniques. Today, that was making lots of flat back beads. And serious quantities of pendants. These are bread and butter pieces that I price to move at shows which means they get done a few times a year in big stacks.