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Blue Flowers

I picked out this long list of projects, goals and milestones for the year and one of those was to work harder on my blogs and sites. It wasn’t an actual focus-on-it goal until April though so it explains why April has suddenly gotten a heckuva lot more in the way posts than previous months.

This month will see some serious blogging done as well as tearing apart the shop and other toys that are part of the site. The goal here is to have a working online presence separate from the ones I maintain on Etsy and Artfire. I love my other spots but this is supposed to be home and I should work on it feeling like it.

The offline goal for this month has been to get moving a lot more and I’ve been good about that. Timed it right with the improving weather. I’ve spent a little time hauling weeds out of the yard, finding and setting up my gardening stuff and walking places more than the strict minimum. I always find I take much longer than the 3 weeks it says to build a habit but I’d like it to become habitual – working from home was supposed to be the way to allow some flexibility in my schedule and that needs to include room for health as well as work.

The pic of the cute blue flowers? It has nothing to do with the post except that I like them. The actual beads are available on Etsy if you like them too.


  1. Eli says:

    you have done a lot of work this month!! I admire you for beeing able to do all this things.. I’ve got quite enough to organize with a blog, and my jewerly in two shops, I couldn’t think of selling something in internet!!

  2. Elaine says:

    I’ve been doing this for a while – slowly adding and taking away things so that it works better. But thank you for the support! Sometimes it does feel like it’s all going nuts!

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