Bead Table Wednesday: Forget-Me-Not

A Bead Table Escapee

I’ll start with the sane part, the escapee from my the asylum that is my bead table the last few weeks. I made a little forget-me-not flower, as several types of beads (this one made it to my shop), and paired them with lapis, sodalite and jasper beads that echoed the colours of the flower. The whole works are joined together with gunmetal wire.

Bead Mess

The chaos part of the table isn’t pretty – this is what beads in the middle of getting holed look like. Little plastic shreds EVERYWHERE.

Bead Mess

A few inches over from the mess are the beads that have been drilled already. And the Dremel tool I use to do the drilling. I figure there’s 14 or 1500 flowers there plus all the other chaos. The table is going to get scraped off soon, again.

Have a bead table? Show us! Post pics to the Flickr group.


  1. Meredith says:

    Could you please tell me what tool on your dremel that you find it best to drill the holes with?? I love you work and really appreciate all you share. Thanks!

  2. Elaine says:

    Sure – I just use a 1/16th drill bit which you can get in the hardware store or the hardware section of your department store. You’ll need the collet to hold an item that small but my dremel came with one.

  3. Ladybug2535 says:

    Why don’t you make the holes before you bake the flowers? Isn’t it easier to bake them on a skewer of some sort? And do you use the little scraps you have left over from the drilling? It might be fun to post some of those ideas too!

  4. Elaine says:

    If I do small amounts of beads, I do make holes before baking but believe it or not it takes a LOT of time to make good holes in raw clay because it squishes a little. So drilling is quicker for me.

    The drilling crumbs I’ve never used but I know some people who use grated clay to make inclusions in their clay pieces so I bet it would work similarly.

    For skewers, I find it slows me down to put beads on and take them off skewers.

  5. Maridene says:

    I was wondering if I could order some of the forget me not beads from you. I need to make some gifts for people who are teaching art classes and I thought these would be lovely. Thank you

  6. Maridene says:

    This is Maridene again. I am interested in the beads in the necklace above and I will need about 56 flowers.

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