Spring Beads

Daffodil Beads

Until Daffodil Days comes – the Canadian Cancer Society raises money by selling daffodils – on April 27, I have to make do with daffodil beads.

The Flower of the Month is jonquils which are daffodils or narcissus, I’m not sure which. I’m trying to make relevant provincial, state and other traditional flowers as I go.

I also made little evening primroses with the other half of the sunny yellow blend:

Evening Primrose

2 Responses

  1. Hi Elaine 🙂 I came across your blog through craftgossip! My what a busy lady you are! And talented too! I recently opened an Etsy shop and I wondered if you had any advice for me in the polymer clay world (or even any world, etsy, twitter, blogger!) At the minute I’m feeling overwhelmed and a tad confused! Any help you can give me would be much appreciated!
    Thank you- Jess from Time for Tea beads
    P.s Where it said to get in contact with you didn’t work for me so this is why I have commented instead 🙂

  2. Ah! Yes, need to update my contact page with new software!
    Your Etsy shop looks like it’s off to a good start for being brand new. Your pictures are good, you have the basic details in your listings, which is great.

    Basically, as far as Etsy and online selling is concerned I’d go read the seller’s handbook which is linked from each Etsy page in the upper left, under Blog. There will be info in there about how to bump up your Search Engine Optimization (how folks find you on the internet and on Etsy). Stuff like making sure your title, tags and first line of your description include some of the same keywords. The Etsy symposium you attended probably covered a lot of this stuff but it’s vitally important.

    One thing I saw – it says you accept cheques in addition to PayPal. Take a look into what the fees and secure deposit time are on accepting US cheques. I found that it was horrifyingly long and expensive so I no longer accept international cheques. In fact every single request I had about it turned out to be some sort of scam buyer who later ended up bouncing cheques on the people who did take them.

    I would include a note in your policies about your postal service – the US customers (which are the overwhelming majority of my customers) are used to receiving items in 2-3 days which with Canada Post isn’t going to happen. I imagine the postal service in the UK is similar, so either include a note that customers should expect 2-3 weeks (even if it’s less!) in your note to buyers or in your policies so that you’re prepared.