Bead Soup Ingredients

So now that I know my partner and I have each received our goodies I’m allowed to post pictures! Which is awesome since I got the COOLEST beads (insert little squeeeee sounds). I even know a couple pieces they’ll turn into.

Cilla of TellYourGirlfriends fame sent me:


I see at least two necklaces with that. One with most of the lampwork and turquoise and another with a ceramic focal, the pretty copper beads and clasp and a couple clay beads i have that would work, I think. The face bead is definitely getting flowers with it. I do faces in flowers.

This is what I sent to Cilla:


Not sure what she’ll dream up from that but there’s plenty to mix around!

11 Responses

  1. Hi E!’
    What great photos you took!
    I already made something awesome with your beads. I wish the reveal date was sooner because I am so excited to show you what your beads have become!
    Have Fun!

  2. I saw that too! I put antiqued brass but the appearance is similar. I noticed my partner and I both had a lot of turquoise in our mix – which is fine, I LOVE turquoise.

  3. Hi Elaine ! I’m just blog hopping around Lori Anderson’s list of participants in BSBH and stopped to say “Hello”. I love both of the mixes you and your partner are working with and can’t wait to see what you do with them. You have beautiful work.