Using Tulip Beads

When I looked up what people were making with tulip beads I found lots of lovely tulip earrings with brass and painted brass beads. Most of them had the little tulip bead hanging down so I figured I would do something cute and make a regular “up” tulip for my example pair.

Quickie Tulip Earrings

Below the cut I’ve included the simple steps for this little pair of earrings. Some version of this would be sweet with the crocus beads I make as well. And I probably WILL go do a little fancier version with bead caps and crystals, too.

This assumes you have the standard jewellery making tools like pliers and a basic knowledge of how to make loops or wrapped loops. These guys include 6mm rose quartz rounds (the pink glass in the picture was too large), two headpins, a pair of earring hooks, a tiny amount of seed beads and, of course, tulip beads!

Since I want to have upright tulips, I thread the green beads on the headpins first.

Next up is my tulip beads.

After, I tuck the little pink beads into the cup of the tulip to make the tulips “centre”.

Make wrapped (or simple) loops at the top of the works, snug against the pink bead. Hang your dangles on your earring findings.

Quickie Tulip Earrings

So there’s my perfect-for-spring earrings. You could do a whole bouquet and wire them into a necklace or brooch, as well!

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