Beady Ornament Goodness

The Art Bead Scene posted a call out to beady folk everywhere to join the 2011 Ornament Blog Hop and I tossed my name in the hat! There are some amazing pieces being featured in this hop! First up we have my group shot:

Group Shot!

Then the rings by themselves – these were older beads I’d had for a bit. They finally got used! Yay! Happy beads. One is just a big gold bow at the top of the ring. The other has sparkly ribbon woven around and around. The last has little wire squiggles and red glass beads tied on.

Beady Rings

The final one is my little poinsettia wreath. I made a few small loops of brass wire and then wrapped the last of my poinsettias on (there’s a few in my shop yet but last in my box of play with beads, sigh). I added a few leaves and a ribbon at the top. If I do this one again, I’ll use a much thinner gauge of wire to bind the beads on and add pearls!

Poinsettia Wreath

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  1. sharyl says:

    For some reason, I didn’t catch on to the fact these were beads at first, until you said so! They looked to me like pieces of gathered fabric or a grass-like textile of some kind. I was still working it out, when you mentioned “beads” and then I could finally “see” them as clay beads! Ha, I can only laugh at myself! The entire ornament is unique and lovely, no matter how I look at it!

  2. Geanina says:

    Oh wow! You ornaments are gorgeous and the colours are so beautiful! I ♥ the poinsettia wreath 🙂

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