My Bead Table Chaos

Ah, bead table Wednesday! I’d done so well the last month, neat studio, clean desk and tables. Then the down-to-the-wire crunch came on. I opened another table in here and now all 4 horizontal surfaces are covered in clay, beads and show product!

Desk Edge

Since I like working at my computer desk best it tends to accumulate the active mess pile.


Some pieces I finally scrape off one table and baked. Soon, they’ll get to the staging area.

Staging area

Product that’s sorted or bagged to go to the shows. Yay!

I’d love to say there’s some order in the chaos… but right now, it’s hard to see.

2 Responses

  1. My dad always insists it’s a better use of time stopping and tidying up so you have space to work – for me it interupts my creative flow more than the mess. I do admit it would be easier to work in a tidy organised area , one day! Looks like you are being very productive.

  2. I actually agree with your dad, the last while but as a life long slob, I’ve got some work to get out of bad habits. The studio gets neatened up today anyway as a lot of this gets packed up to go to the show site tomorrow!