Production Work

There’s a couple awesome shows coming up so I’m currently in manic production mode. Here’s the desk full of little bowls:



  1. I love your work. Love your bowls. Regarding today’s posting about production work, I am wondering how you will display all your pieces in the upcoming show. I am really struggling for display ideas and am wondering if you would share.

  2. Elaine says:

    Thanks guys!

    The bowls get propped on tiny little triangle ramps (basically the same folded cards I use for my stud earrings)

    I make a lot of my displays – you can get a peak at what I take to shows over in my Flick album:

    This summer I made a bunch more stuff to use like bracelet ramps and slightly improved necklace cones. Since I’m moving larger items in like vases and such, I’m also going to be bringing more in the way of traditional shelving to the bigger shows but I haven’t quite got that one figured out!

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