White Flowers

White Flowers

I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the little slice flowers in pieces where I don’t want dangly bits without sacrificing the option of a cute bead in the center of the flower. Turned out I just needed to make the wrapped loop differently in the back and it made a stable wire chain link component. So this asymmetrical necklace has a combination of warm toned white flowers with glass bead centres, off white pearls and pretty antiqued brass chain.


  1. Illaya Brown says:

    The mother of invention works ever time. A great way to make alot of things lay flat. Thanks for pondering on that little bit of engineering. These flowers make up great.

  2. Rain says:

    I absolutely love these flowers. I’ve been working away at trying to figure out how to get something similar for a bunch of polymer clay roses I’ve made. Provided that you have the time and would you mind sending me photos of the back? I’m working on a batch today and I’m going to try the figure eight idea you’ve done with your recent work.

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