On My Bead Tables

I’m not being a very good blogger the last bit but I’m working away at it here and there. My bead table at least I can share since I’m being a good little CLAYER lately!


Little swirly hearts on one edge of my clay table. They’ll probably become daintier heart pendants or beads in my shop and for shows. Still flexing my brain muscles on it at the moment.

Future Slice Beads

Here are cane slices on the way to becoming shaped beads. This is the other edge of my clay table – last week there were a ton of canes here.

Flower Beads

And here’s some of the most current little sculpted flower beads in colours I hadn’t done much of yet – blues, purples, a real red. I have a date late this week and early next week to actually make jewellery with these that I’m looking forward to! I’ve spent most of January making the raw clay and then bead components and ordering in supplies. Hopefully February will be spent making pretties from them!

Have a bead table that’s got interesting in progress stuff? Or, heck, a CLEAN bead table? Show us in the Flickr group.