The Art Bead Scene Challenge

Every month the folks at Art Bead Scene run a monthly challenge. They show a piece of art to inspire you and you submit a piece you’ve made using the inspiration to their group pool on Flick. This month I even remembered to enter (barely)!

ABS Challenge

My piece is simple – a few of my flower beads and some jewel toned glass beads wired onto a small brass stamping then wired onto a necklace chain. It gave me the perfect chance to make real use of my new macro lens for my camera! I have to admit, I’m smitten.


  1. Elaine says:

    The backside is a mess – I made this piece quickly for the ABS challenge and did not use fine enough wire to do neat weaving through the brass filigree but that is what it is – an oval brass pieces with wire weaving the beads through the holes and then wound around the edges. I then use a bead link on each side to attach to brass chain and voila! Cute piece. I will post a pic anyways but when I do more of these will use a finer gauge of wire to allow for neater work on the back!

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