Quick and Easy Candy Cane Cane

Candy Cane Stud Earrings

Here is a very simple, very fast and very effective little candy cane tutorial. I’ve used thin slices of it to make things like the stud slice earrings above, handfuls of mint beads or longer slices of it to make the candy cane earrings at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Simple Mint Cane part 1

All 3 colours are Premo – red pearl, green pearl and white pearl respectively. The red and thin white layers are each the thickest setting on my pasta machine. The thick white is double layers of the thickest setting. The green layer is two spots thinner than the thickest setting.

Simple Mint Cane part 2

Have fun!

Simple Earrings

You could totally do this with the extruder and the ribbon strip dies. I was just in a rush and it worked, so it’s what I kept doing! Also, you get a more (in my er… humble opinion) realistic colour if you mix the red and green with half translucent and use white and half pearl rather than the colours I used here in a rush.

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