Tis the Season


And my last show in it is coming right up this weekend! I admit I am always happy when show season is done for the year and I get a few weeks to work on gifts and socializing. It picks up again right away in the new year with shows beginning in February in 2011. I put together a few new pieces for the weekend. These are some of my favourites.


As always I am playing around with the shooting conditions. These are taken with my older camera with a daylight bulb diffused through tissue. The lighting is even and nice but I will have to dig out my tripod because my focus is not great. Still, I’m having fun with this and hoping that a little macro for my dslr shows up at Christmas.

Mix and Match necklace

Now I have a few things to sand and buff before Saturday. And scouts to help with at the bakery – they’ll be manning the concession at our show – tonight. Wish me luck and I hope you are all having a good and profitable time with your shows as well!

One Response

  1. Love the first necklace – the pinks and purples go so well together.

    And on the focusing problem, until I find a tripod, I’ve been using scrap polymer clay to attach my camera at an angle onto a small box…looks razy, but it works quite well *G*