I mostly make imaginary flowers or highly stylized ones. Sometimes I’ll take requests for identifiable flower canes – pansies, lupine and forget me nots are a few I can recall – and this week I had a request not only for the flower but a flower shaped bead. I was commissioned to make orchid beads.

No specific type of orchid… just orchids. I discovered there are LOTS of types of orchids. Most of them look like little alien flowers by the way. I picked Rothschild Orchid (vanda rothschildiana) since I could figure the petal design and a bead from there.

Orchid Cane

This is the slice flower cane – I make them right down at this size, about 5/8″. It results in these little beads:

Orchid Slices

The beads are around 3/4″ wide. I quite love them.

2 Responses

  1. They’re beautiful, and a great representation of orchids 🙂 I too tend to usually make flower canes that, although they’re technically recogizable as flowers, will not be found in any botany book!

  2. How wonderful Elaine! It is so nice to see something a little different. Using a lace cane for the petals like you did, really has a great Orchid effect. I’ve been thinking of making some Monkshood or Lady Slipper beads but just haven’t got around to figuring out how to do that just yet. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to flowers, isn’t it? So many ideas… so little time!