Floral Exploration

I bravely signed up to do the Art Bead Scene’s Blog Carnival. Every month one of the two groups involved commits to blogging about a theme based piece they’ve made.

August’s theme is exploration which is oddly fitting given my spring and summers activities! I went with the less literal interpretation of exploration and focused on pieces that were a little off the beaten track from my standard neatly symmetrical jewelry.

Tiger Lily Charms

I’d gotten comfortable making craft fair and production work and only recently reminded myself that I’d GOTTEN popular by doing interesting and different work and how was I to keep that unless I explored a little?

The little shaped flower beads are made from my own canes but then slightly sculpted into a flower shape and they act as an excellent embellishment. You can see my regular slice beads, the little flat white flowers,  mixed in for accents. At a bead show where I debuted them this summer, one of the teachers bought a few to use with her vintage lucite flowers.

I like how you can get a whole garden on your wrist with these or add a little more in the way of bling and keep the flowers and leaves for interesting detail.

Blue Dangly Flowers

Light and Dark Pink Dangly Floral Charm Bracelet

I’ve had requests for other versions of the flowers so we’ll see what I can figure out. Pansies and orchids, oh my! I guess you could say I’m exploring my flower garden this month.

11 Responses

  1. Your work is just exquisite! Your flowers are so lifelike and beautiful…..I especially love the pink pansies in the bottom left photo!