Frontier Days

The just finished Frontier Days in Swift Current wrapped up what I consider to be my spring & summer shows – I have a small, fun one in Lac Pelletier in two weeks but it is low key – and am taking a few days to recoup and get back to studio life!

Booth Shot

My booth setup got redone on the third day to give people a better look right from the aisle and that helped with the sales, too. Chloe was a trooper and helped her mom out every early afternoon and on Friday my friend Louise came and hung out for half the day. Company makes the time go by.


Like usual, I met the neatest people at the show! I think it takes a certain personality that is a quirky little bit off the norm to do shows regularly. I got the chance to chat with and pick the brains of people who do 45+ shows a year, all over the western US and western Canada and got a few hints on what to change up with my own setup. They fed us salad (kitchen ware demos rock!) all weekend to help counteract the lovely but evil carnival food.

I did a bit of tourist-ing at the show – the ferris wheel in the dark is awesome:

Midway at Night


  1. Mel says:

    I always think it’s wonderful how you have so much space for your booth! Our fairs are always tiny and table space is only 3ft x 3ft! Quite tough to display all the pretty things =(

  2. Elaine says:

    That would be tough! I’m worried when the tables are less than 6ft. The space this time was 10ft x 10ft though, TONS of space.

    But everything is huge and spread out here, too.

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