Meet CraftyBabyHope

The third installment of the Smoosher’s Guild’s blogring promo is about Jennifer of CraftyBabyHope. This one starts off with an interesting (to me!) story.

I often ask people who step their crafting up to the next level and begin selling what their motivation is. Some people want to pay for their supplies, some are running out of space for their pieces in their house. Some want to pay for the family vacation. Jennifer is selling her work to pay for her fertility treatments.

CraftyBabyHope doesn’t only have polymer clay work in it. There’s a variety of trinkets, many of them made with wire. Wire was my pre-clay obsession and still figures heavily in a lot of my work.

On the clay side of things, there are a lot of cute or kawaii items in the ArtFire shop including this sweet little charm bracelet:

My daughter’s favourite piece was this little Scottie:

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