Necklace Trees

Yes. Necklaces grow on trees. Or at least they hang on them.

Necklace Tree Standing

I am always on the lookout for stands for my shows. Current obsession has been a stand that I can hang my masses of pendant on a cord pieces. There are lots of them. Next show is outdoors so I want something with some weight to it, too. Lots of googling and Etsying and mixing various ideas resulted in the above tree prototype. The prototype is made from 1/4″ ish inch trashed plywood backing to a broken mirror. I scroll sawed the shape. Next one will be from less ugly plywood.

Slotted Necklace Tree

These are the rough shapes. Next ones will have changes made. These would pack flat for a show which is AWESOME. You just slot the two parts together and away you go.

6 Responses

  1. Very good idea. I love displays that store flat and are easy to assemble. And this one looks nice too. I wonder if it’s a good idea to make it out of scrap polymer clay if I’m not that handy with wood. Thanks.

  2. I actually thought about doing it in card and clay instead but to get a strong layer that would resist cracking, I’d need a good pound to cover the whole structure! And even a pound of scrap clay is more valuable than that here.

    I’ve made lots of other displays out of clay though!