A little while ago my friend Cindy and I decided we would take very similar materials – a set of my coffee tone pillow beads, some copper or brass wire / toned findings, a few bronze-y pearls and a little turquoise – and make a piece or two of jewelry. Why?

To prove that even with very similar materials and sources you could make very different jewelry.

The Challenge

I have this one pic of what I made because I made it at my Tuesday networking group and one of the members came and bought it! Which is great but means that I will have to make another because I quite liked it. Mine uses very traditional wirework links, the pearls, clay beads, turquoise and a few twisted jump rings for interest.

You can see Cindy’s here and note that apart from the beads, they look nothing alike! And I have one more idea for the same materials again that will look completely different than my FIRST piece. So stay tuned.

One Response

  1. Beautiful bracelet Elaine! You are so right about the fact that the same materials in the hands of different artists, produces very different results indeed. Hers, although lovely, looks nothing like yours. My Dad would say, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”. But then he is from a not so politically correct generation! 🙂