Teaching Classes

Something I never thought I would enjoy – right up there with selling – is teaching classes. It has been one of those rare pleasures finding out that I was wrong about something in a good way. Teaching is now up there with one of the more fun parts of making and selling arts and crafts.

Making Things

I had my first class since my move this weekend and it was a bit of an introduction to polymer clay, caning and beadmaking all in one. I limited it to black and white so that I didn’t overwhelm everyone that first class (I’ll save that for next time) and we just stuck to how to make simple, fast canes.


The class was open to everyone from tweens on up – my line to the coordinator was: old enough not to eat clay or stab themselves with blades deliberately – and everyone cranked out beads, little covered tins and switchplates. Black and white jellyrolls, checkerboards, strips and flowers abounded. Some people made little hypnotized eyes.


Here’s a little of what the class made. I’m privileged to have worked with such a great group!

Student Work

We’ll be running more classes – on colours and canes and small objects covered in clay – in June. If you’re interested, give Laurie a shout at the gallery.