April Flowers

I know I have it in reverse, April Flowers and not April Showers. I’m hoping it stays this way though, nice and warm and flowery. Even if the flowers are clay ones in my bead bowls.

Bowl of Flowers

I made more of the beads I’ve used for the last few dangle flower pieces. I’m hoping to get enough of these to assemble quite a selection of bracelets, necklaces and earrings for my upcoming big shows. Extra beads to sell at the bead show would be icing on the cake because the shape of these makes for fun pieces.

Bracelet and Necklace

I have a whole stack of new canes in progress here (apart from the ones that made these beads!) so more pictures in a day or two. And I’m off to spend the proceeds of the Most Excellent Show last week on more clay!

5 Responses

  1. Somehow I have only just managed to find your blog – most unlike me lol

    I love this picture of your flower beads. They look great made up as jewellery but there is something very appealling about that bowlfull!

    Off to read some more

  2. No worries Cara! I’d only found you after your posts on Flickr and PCC! And I consider myself a good geek.

    I have stacks of white bowls and plates that I use as show props for nearby shows. The white or black contrasts perfectly with the bright clay colours. At least, in my not-so-humble opinion

  3. Yep, 3D is not my usual thing though I have made semi sculpted up stuff like this a FEW times (in my defense). I could get to like the no-sanding projects!