I’d been hurting for a little inspiration and motivation at the end of 2009 so I took the advice of the experts and took that first step: I started making things. Sometimes all you need is a little motion to get you going in the right direction. I’m still lacking the solution to some projects but I have a growing pile of ‘productive procrastination’ projects. Here’s a few:

Citrus Cane Roses Winterflowers Lentil Bracelet
Swirly Blues Autumn Swirl Lentil bracelet

A customer challenged me to make them bright roses in the colour of my citrus canes. So I did. Some of these canes are in my Rainbow of Roses listing. The bracelets are basically wrist candy to get myself using my own beads, especially the swirlies. How else do you sell the things if you can’t convince people they should be essential parts of their art?

One Response

  1. Maybe “productive procrastination” from your perspective, but as always such beautiful work! I bet the customer who requested bright roses in the colours of your citrus canes is one happy camper. They are SO beautiful and work really well together. Bracelets are lovely eye candy. I especially like your blue roses and butterfly.