Beads Baubles and Bowls

Beads, baubles and bowls essentially describes my finished work! Sometimes that’s more apparent than others as I clear the tables and photograph their residents.

Big Mirror Image Beads

This was a big batch of big mirror image beads – the smaller ones are still an inch long – that are fabulous hot colours. They will probably get strung up casually for several vaguely ethnic inspired pieces.

Sea Garden Pillow Bracelet

Here’s a wireworked bracelet (I wired everything before I began clay and it’s still my preferred technique) with a combination of my pillow beads and bead slices. I like the variety you get with the change in type of beads and I am going to explore this theme more this year.

It's Bright! Coffee Tones Ring Bowl
Inside Ring Bowl 3 Seasonal Ring Bowl

What can I say? I’m a sucker for bowls. These are a few of the latest batch of ring bowls I’ve made with the glass inners. They are instant gratification as far as vessels go.


  1. Elaine says:

    Thank you Tina! I’m sure yours were pretty great 🙂 I’ve been making these for a while so it’s probably just the practice thing.

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