Updates and To-Do’s

With Canada Post’s recommended cut-off date for international packages now past I’m working on the little projects I’d been neglecting.

First up was the tearing down and updating of my web shop on the site here. The software had stopped talking to my server and to PayPal a while ago but with everything else so busy and my work available easily on Etsy and ArtFire I’d neglected to do the housekeeping and just fix it.

I’ve fixed it and begun reloading it. The prices are all in Canadian $ which is a little under the US $ so American customers could enjoy a bit of a discount by purchasing here rather than Etsy. I will offer a larger variety of work here than on Etsy – though I will likely offer the same variety on ArtFire which has less painful listing options than Etsy. The prices also have a small increase – there’s no discount at the 6 bead stage anymore but still a buy 11, get the 12th free – and that will roll out to my Etsy and ArtFire shops as well in the coming days.


What else? I have a tutorial for covering round glass ornaments I will post this week. It’s nothing Earth shattering but it made my life simpler this season and made some cute ornaments to boot. Much less sanding than the method I had been using.


For 2010, I intend to offer my beads as buttons and I’m going to send out some batches to testers for free to start. If you are a fiber or fabric artist and either sell or blog regularly and would like some buttons to play with drop me a line and I will let you know at the end of the month what I’m giving away.

One Response

  1. I love your work, it is inspiring. Sculpted items have always been my passion. I am interested in trying out Polymer Clay. I am a dinosaur in this area – behind the times. Your site amazed me. There is so much potential in it.
    Take care,