The Shop: Black Friday Cyber Monday

Sometimes I wonder just where time goes. It’s the end of the fall already! Etsy has this big promotional holiday sale on for the American Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend and I figured I’d take part by offering Free Shipping in my shops.

I loaded up my latest colour scheme this week – winterflower – which is a navy base with blue flowers. You can see it on a few of the beads in the bead shop or in the flowers in the cane shop:

beads on sale on etsy

canes on sale on etsy

And as always I’ve loaded everything up in my ArtFire shop just the same and it’s also got Free Shipping. ArtFire allows you to purchase without first creating an account so if you just want to zip in and scoop up some beads or canes, no fuss, no muss, it’s the place to go.

Local and need some other good deals? My teammates on the Alberta Team (which should really be the western Canada team by this point) are also offering some great holiday deals this weekend. You can check the list out on the team blog at:

Now, back to the last minute fixing for my show. I’m doing my regular show in Marlborough Community Hall in Calgary. The hitch? I’m not in Calgary! So I’ll be spending a day of my visit to the city doing the show because it’s my sentimental favourite. Come visit and I’ll give you free beads!