It seems that posting often – for me that would be most days – is good for my productivity. And since I like taking photos and talking about what I’m working on, we have that rare double bonus.

On my Worktable

Today being Saturday we had the usual errands but I got some sweet, solid time in at the clay table as well. First up were a few blends – the one that will be a lavender rose and daisy, the one that became the blue to white of that butterfly-in-progress and the white to off-white one that is in the already reduced white daisy on the right.

A friend popped in and helped process and roll out the bead bases for the next few days so I’m all set!

How’s the creative production going for you?

6 Responses

  1. Love that butterfly cane Elaine! Gorgeous!

    Since I produce tutorials for sale rather than beads or canes, would say my production is going well. Do have a lot of sample beads and canes in various stages that need to be finished so in that sense I am behind.

    I bet this is a busy time for you. It is nice that your friend was able to help you with your bead making. That would certainly help with the workload!

  2. Right, when I taught a few classes I had various stages of items everywhere for weeks. These days I photograph and record as I go in case I want to make tutorials later but for now, so that I have an accurate record for my business activities and how to continue making consistent items (or, for posterity sake, it works out the same in the end!).

    It actually isn’t too busy – no complaints as far as that goes but not crazy – but I’ve got the idea bunnies piled high waiting to get their turn on the table…

  3. I am having a very successful time too Elaine, visiting galleries to show my work, working on tutorials for my face canes and working like crazy to keep up with my stock.

    Your butterfly cane is beautiful, as is all your work.

  4. I am in awe of your face canes Alice, have been since I first saw them. Face canes and the art dolls and Kathleen Dustins work were a big part of what got me looking into caning when I finally came online to find out about polymer clay.

    Chunk of bug is all yours Terry! And I will do a cooler red one then! Or a purply red one.