Warm Colours

The current projects on my table need some warm toned canes that I was running low on. I bit the bullet and made a few and more leaf since I was out of that again. The first is a tiger lily I’m happy with. Getting the petals offset like a lily’s are (in two rows of 3 vs 6 petals all around a center) has always been a challenge and this finally came together as a solution.

Tiger Lily

I took a picture of it before filling the background and reducing for posterity sake (and in case it reduced so poorly that I needed better times to remember it by).

Todays canes

As it turns out I didn’t have to worry much. I got two daisies with white-ecru to warm tones, a try at a poppy for upcoming Remembrance Day beads the lily and a leaf. My hands are sore!


  1. It reduce really well Elaine! I get where you’re coming from though. Have had more than one cane ‘go astray’ after reducing. That is one of the reasons I start with pretty small canes so I can’t go too far with them. Would be a lot different though, I were selling my canes like you are.

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