The Same Old

Bowl of Beads

So here’s a bowl of beads. Most of it is beads for a few orders or some that are in my regular colour schemes. There are a few swirls from the cane ends. But I was really hoping for some inspiration when I was making these up and none hit before I got the batch going.


The last few weeks has meant many counters full of stuff like this, mostly tomatoes. And looking at it makes me think, oh I could use some beads in these neat, rich colours. So now I have to see on my colour chart what comes closest and go from there.

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2 Responses

  1. LOL, looks like my kitchen island was about half hour ago. I now have a folding table in office loaded with green/half ripe maters and the bench in entry way loaded with green ones.

  2. All of my tomatoes have ripened since except for two or three but it got cold here on Sunday so I had a head start.

    Seriously on the way to sick of tomatoes though.