Little Trips

I don’t know about other people but most of my trips start with a visit to the library to pick up reading material.


After that we were off to Saskatoon – a city I’ve never been to, about 2 1/2 hours north of here – for a cousin’s wedding. The hotel room got some exploring and the beds got tested out.

Hotel Rooms

The day after the wedding and reception – which were lovely and quirky, kind of like the groom and bride – the kiddo dug into the newly acquired swimsuit and hopped in the hotel pool. This was her reward for patiently putting up with the drive out, the boring grownup church stuff and the boring grownup meal.

Hotel Pool

It was a little chilly when I got home and I found that the trees took that big turn. The leaves are dipping and turning yellow. Hello Autumn!

Fall Arrival

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  1. lol.. Always need to declutter 😉 But actually they also tend to be excellent books for how to organize and increase productivity, which is why I pulled those ones. And they were right beside the cookbooks…